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Diet Detective Personal

Gives you in depth help with your diet on a one-to-one basis direct with Judith Wills, The Diet Detective. If you choose this service this is what happens:

You provide a detailed 3 day diary of everything you eat and drink and fill out a questionnaire with all your eating, lifestyle and health history, food preferences and so on.

You then receive:

  • a detailed nutritional analysis of your current diet.
  • a resume of what is fine, what you might change and what definitely need changing with reasons and explanation.
  • a detailed report giving practical ways you may achieve necessary changes.
  • ideas for meals that fit in with the recommendations.

Diet Detective Personal - special offer £59

Personal Plus

You provide a 5-day diary for an even more accurate dietary analysis and receive, in addition to the above, a personal 7-day Eating Plan designed just for you including recipes if you would like them; and a two-week BACK UP during which time you can email or call me for further help.

Diet Detective Personal Plus - special offer £79

No obligation!

If you contact The Diet Detective about personal diet analysis or advice, this doesn’t place you under any obligation – you will simply receive an email with more information about the service and payment options which include on line payment and cheque.

So don’t wait – email and let The Diet Detective help you!


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