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* The Garden to Kitchen Expert front cover

Published in March 2011, The Garden to Kitchen Expert is Judith Wills collaboration with the world's best-selling gardening author, Dr D.G.Hessayon.

"This will be a well-thumbed reference book for the kitchen shelf, rather than the dusty coffee table." said The Daily Telegraph.

Packed with over 650 recipes, and with hundreds of hints and tips for harvesting, storing and cooking any vegetable, fruit or herb you may want to grow in your garden, it is an invaluable reference. Paperback £9.99, hardback £14.99, published by Expert books, a division of Transworld.





New Home Larder cover

'The essential storecupboard makeover - delicious recipes, invaluable advice' by Judith Wills, published May 2009 by Eden Project Books, £20.

"Judith has stacks of good ideas and delicious recipes to inspire you" - Cathy Court, co-founder, Netmums (

"A fun, practical guide which imparts much-needed information" - The Bookseller

"As always with Judith's books, I feel inspired enough to follow her advice!" - Joy Skipper, Guild of Food Writers.

"A well-stocked larder is a cook's best friend, and Judith Wills tells you everything you need to know. Remarkably comprehensive in scope and the recipes are enticing." - Richard Ehrlich, food writer and author of The Green Kitchen (Kyle Cathie, £12.99)

This timely book shows how you can stock even the smallest food storecupboard well so that you cut down on shopping trips and can prepare any meal quickly and easily using few - if any - fresh ingredients. Larder eating is also healthy and environmentally-friendly as it cuts down on energy use and means less food wasted, too.

Most importantly, the book contains over a hundred truly delicious recipes and a useful A-Z of storecupboard items, with plenty of advice on what to choose and what to ignore, and stockist details.*





Judith Wills, June 2008, Eden Project Books softback, price £15

This is the Diet Detective's full-colour in-depth guide to all you ever wanted to know about 'eating, shopping and cooking' green.

Judith spent a year researching and writing The Green Food Bible and, she says, "I wrote it for people like me - who want to eat in a green and environmentally sound way but are sometimes confused about all the issues involved. I set about finding simple answers - which was often quite difficult!"

In the title, Judith covers topics such as:

* The meaning of 'green' eating. * Organic food and whether or not it is planet-friendly. * Supermarkets - how bad are they really? * Food imports - should you ever buy imported/airfreighted food? * Local food versus fair trade - which to choose? * An A-Z comprehensive guide to choosing and buying green food and drinks, from apples to wine. * Seasonal eating - and pages of seasonal recipes.

There's nothing else like The Green Food Bible on the market; it's very user-friendly and will get even the most uncommitted person buying and eating green without pain.

Rot or not? *****


















The Food Bible by Judith Wills, "The ultimate reference book for food and your health", published by Quadrille (3rd edition), January 2007, £12.99.

This is the completely revised and updated version of The Food Bible - the book described by the Sunday Times as having "all the answers for healthy eating". It is published by Quadrille at £12.99 but available on Amazon for £7.99.

DO NOT CONFUSE this title - The Food Bible - with the new Gillian McKeith book. She has ripped off The Diet Detective's title - which has sold nearly 300,000 copies worldwide since it was first published in 1998 - and The Diet Detective is not best pleased!
As cogniscenti will know, Ms McKeith is a great fan of limited and obsessive eating rather than the type of healthy but enjoyable and normal diet outlined in The Food Bible. The Sunday Times knows what it is talking about, and The Food Bible by Judith Wills is the 'original and best'!!!!!

Judith Wills' The Food Bible - Rot or not? *****

Gillian McKeith The Food Bible - Rot or not? *****




Fat trap cover




•  the truth about slimming diets – and all you really need to do for permanent weight control.

•  how to use ‘body IQ’ to help you re-assess your shape and achieve your goals.

•  who benefits from the diet industry - and why they don’t want you to change.

•  how to beat the pitfalls, predators and lies keeping you from your ideal shape.

•  how to avoid the exercise trap – and find out what will work for you.

“We spend a huge amount of time worrying about the way we look and feeling guilty about what we eat.  But all our efforts are not working – we just get fatter.  I believe this book can change that – and help you to enjoy your body and your food for the rest of your life.” says Judith Wills


Judith Wills' explosive book was published in 2010 (Kyle Cathie, £9.99) and was featured in The Daily Mail, Woman's Weekly, Woman Magazine, Zest Magazine and elsewhere.. Buy at

Rot or not? ******




Hay Winter Festival - brilliant fun!

Says Judith, "I was lucky enough to be offered an appearance at this year's Hay Winter Festival, and thoroughly enjoyed going along and talking about my favourite subject - cooking!

My spot was shared with a great TV personality and author, the one and only Aggie MacKenzie, who has written a marvellous book, Aggie's Family Cookbook (Pavilion).

Our chat was chaired by Kitty Corrigan from Country Living Magazine, and the hour sped by as we swopped ideas and plenty of kitchen disaster stories too!


A good idea

As someone who has always owned cats (here is Korky) I am pleased that there has recently been a lot of publicity about keeping our pets in trim. They deserve to be healthy and fit just as much as we do. And by the way, Korky is NOT fat - it is all fur.

Korky the cat


Chocolate that REALLY is good for you!

We were lucky enough to be delivered with some new chocolate bars called CHOXI the other day. Needless to say, they have now all disappeared. However, we're not feeling too guilty, as this chocolate has been scientifically proven to be high in anti-oxidants.

While in theory, dark chocolate in particular contains flavonols known to have health benefits including heart protection, the manufacturing process can render some - if not most - dark chocolates much lower in these anti-oxidants than was previously thought.

But CHOXI is made carefully and retains high levels - two small squares a day are enough to provide the flavonols we need. Even more important in our view is that the chocolate tastes wonderful. It comes in four varieties including an orange and a mint but our favourite was the milk chocolate. You can get it at most Tescos, or go to the website for more information.

Rot or not? - light green stars


Spelt flour

According to some research, intolerance of, and allergy to, wheat products is on the increase and so sales of non-wheat breads, cakes and so on are rising fast.

If you would like an alternative to wheat, Doves Farm - well-known producers of alternative grains - have a healthy - and, thank goodness, delicious - alternativet, spelt flour. This ancient grain has been used for many hundreds of years across the world but has been very hard to find in the shops.

Spelt originates from the Middle East and while it is closely related to ordinary wheat, it is a good substitute for many people with wheat intolerance. It's easy to digest and helps to stimulate the immune system. It works well in all recipes requiring wheat.

Organic White Spelt Flour and Organic Stone-ground Spelt Flour, 1kg bags, from Sainsbury, Tesco, Holland and Barrett and independents.

Rot or not? - light green stars

If there is any product or piece of potential garbage that you would like to bring to the attention of the Diet Detective, contact her.



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olumn in ZEST MagazinEvery month,Judith writes a regular column in which she tests and givse star-ratings to a variety of foods. "As there is nothing nicer than taste-testing new things, and passing an opinion, of course, I really enjoy doing the column for ZEST!A whinge CataaboutDiets for cats


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